Warning Letter for Not Following Procedures

Warning letter represents an alarming situation. Undoubtedly, no one wants to receive a warning letter from one’s organization.

Warning letter for not following procedures is a scary note which warns the recipient against his failure to follow the required procedures. Every company has its own standard rules which are mandatory to be followed by the employees.

It is the demand of every organization and institution that the written procedures should be followed properly. Sometimes, the poor understanding or negligence can lead to the failure of the following procedures. Such mistakes should be avoided as much as possible as it causes a disturbance in the official working.

Employees are hired on the basis of their qualification, skills and their understanding of the specified job tasks. They are supposed to perform their job descriptions in a well-mannered way.

For instance, if the performance standards are not up to the mark and the client or company does not satisfy with the behavior, performance and procedures then the employee is taken into account. He is informed and warned about his committed mistake such as failure to follow the procedures as per SOP.

This document should be written in a professional manner. Its purpose should not be to scare the employee. The non-threatening and polite behavior is the most efficient and right way of writing this warning letter.

Companies that forget the tone of their warning letters depicts unprofessionalism and worsen the condition. Designing of the warning letter is quite significant in order to take the best outcome out of this document.

Keep it brief and focus on the error committed. HR warns the employee and instruct him not to repeat such mistake else he would be held responsible for it. Do mention that what possible consequences an employee has to face by repeating the same mistake.

Attach the document which clearly states that the standard procedures were not followed by the employee. The basic goal of the warning letter is to avoid such circumstances in the future else the company is compelled to terminate the employee or would take strict action against him.


Warning letter for not following procedures

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