Request Letter to Change Working Hours

Request letter to change working hours is a significant document which is sent by an employee to the employer. Many of the employees have to combat with some issues in their personal life. For which, they want to change their current patterns of work. It can be in the form of job sharing or split shifts.

One of the most common reasons for such request is parenting issue. Parents having small kids usually have to request to their organization to change their working hours. So that, they can easily manage both the personal and professional life.

In the request letter, do mention the current working hours and days in which you are serving the organization. Mention the desired modification in working hours. The reason for the request to change working hours should be mentioned in detail.

Use the polite and humble tone. The more convincing the letter would be, the more chances of its rapid approval would become. Praise the organization and let them know that you want to stick with the reputed organization. This flexibility would be highly facilitating and appreciating.

It is quite difficult to make modification in the roaster. Hence, it is better to send the request letter earlier so that the company can modify the timings easily.

Request the change in working hours at least 4 weeks prior to its effective date. The parent having school going kids have to manage their job time in accordance with their job. To make your request considerable, enclose your awards, achievement and sincere services for the organization.

It would leave a positive impact on your request and the employer would comprehend to make modifications in order to retain their worthy employee.

Assure your availability for the meeting in order to discuss the seriousness of the situation. Suggest the solution such as the alternate timing, extra working hours, shift changes or reduced break hours in order to compensate the change in current working hours. Mention the date, your designation and sign the request letter at the bottom.


Request Letter for Change in Working Hours

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