Notice to Tenant to Make Repairs

Importance of the notice

There are many responsibilities of a landlord related to the leased premises. It is the primary duty of the tenant to keep the property in a proper and habitable condition. The habitable condition of the property is what makes is proper and feasible to be used by tenants.

Whenever any person enters into a tenancy agreement with the tenant, he can send notices from time to time to remind the tenant about the necessary repair.

There are several problems that are required to be given immediate attention such as sewerage problem etc. Other related issues which are not much serious are also required to be repaired within 48 hours. Since the tenant is using the property, it is his obligation to make repairs.

In some states, the responsibility to make repairs is entitled to landlords while in some states, it is for tenants. Different landlords visit their property at regular intervals of time. If the leased property is not given proper attention and it is not getting enough servicing, the landlord has a right to ask the tenant to repair it.

What is the purpose of sending notice to repair?

The landlord can send the notice to the tenant in order to ask him to make the repair. The notice should state the type of repair needed.

It should be kept in mind that the landlord can send this notice to the tenant only if the tenant was held responsible for making repairs to the tenancy agreement.

The notice can be sent by the landlord himself or by his legal prosecutor. This notice serves as a warning letter to the tenant that claims that if the tenant will not make repairs, he will have to face the legal actions that will be taken against him.

Key elements of notice to make repairs:

The main details that are added to this notice are:

  1. The name and contact details of the tenant
  2. Name and contact details of landlord
  3. The type of repair required to be done
  4. Signatures of landlord

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Notice to Tenant to Make Repairs

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