Letter of Intent for Promotion

In professional life, it is a dream for all employees to achieve more and more. If employee’s morale is always being boosted; they are much optimistic in achieving the required goals and objectives. It is valuable to both the organization and employee. Due to this, an organizations profitability increase. When it comes to the end of an employee, it gives more chances of well in time promotion.

In a normal routine, promotions are mostly time-based. One employee gets promoted after completion of set years including associated restrictions and rules. On the other hand, sometimes some employees have to move or quit their job due to personal or any other reason. In such cases, their position is vacated. Some deserving employees can show their interest to higher authorities for the respective positions.

For this purpose, they have to write a letter of intent. This letter of intent contains the reason for which they are suitable for the vacant position. The person should be clear in presenting the reason that why he is most deserving of the respective position. He must mention his all related accomplishments. One important point is that before applying, the employee must be aware of the descriptions on account of the vacant post.


Subject: Promotion to operations manager

Dear Mr. /Ms.  [NAME HERE],

I have been working for [The Bank] for six years. I have recently heard that the operations manager is being transferred to the headquarters of the bank. Hence, the position is vacant. With due respect and diligence, I am interested in getting promoted to this post. I am working as an assistant operations manager for two years.

I have attended a six months workshop on employees training recently. I am confident to cope with monitoring, scheduling and retaining the set standards and procedures. My enthusiasm and goals are always clearly defined. Last year, I have been awarded the best employee of the year award.

I wish that my painted intention will be considered. And, my humble petition will be acknowledged.

I hope to hear back soon.

With best regards


Letter of intent for promotion

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