Employee Photo ID Badges


Employee photo ID badges are made for the assurance that he/she is the employee of the organization or company. It is used in the professional sectors. This is nothing worthless rather, it is helpful to the company or organization to be secured and be authenticated that the person who is coming to the office is not a stranger but the employee of the organization. Employee photo id badge is a kind of security which keeps an organization safe from the dangers of the society.

Every company in the world globe has its own ID badges for its employees to keep the company’s security strong and maintain the company’s under control. In the employee photo ID, the company allows an ID to the employee and it also pastes the photo of the employee on the ID card for his/her recognition. Employee photo ID badges are not only used for the purpose of identification, rather, it is also used for leaving a good impression by having beautiful ID for the employees. Simply, you may say that it is the kind commercialization of the company with the help of ID badges.


For every company, it is mandatory that it must have photo ID badges for its employees in order to keep the record of its workforce. As in it, the company mentions the employee number, and designation as well as the company details along the photo of the employee.

Lastly, horizontal kind of employee ID badges is preferable because in horizontal size of badge the logo of the company and the photo of the employee fits well. The preferable color is fawn which gives the distinctive look. But you may assign different colors too.

Following is given MS WORD editable badges. Download the file in .zip format and extract it in the local directory of your computer. Open the file using MS Word and it is all yours to customize from text to layout and color options.

DOWNLOAD: Photo ID Badge Template


photo id badge template   photo id badge template