Tutor Feedback Form

What is a tutor feedback form?

A tutor feedback form provides information about students tutored by a particular instructor. These forms are designed to evaluate the performance of students tutored by that tutor. They are particularly designed by agencies or institutes that hire tutors and provide services to the students in need. Institute stays updated about the performance of all the students their tutors are teaching. These forms are filled by tutors during a semester to report the progress of students in their subject.

What is a tutor feedback form all about?

These forms provide detailed information about test scores, quizzes, assignments of the particular subject that is assigned to the tutor. A tutor is only responsible for the progress of the assigned subject and not the overall performance of a student. These forms after being filled are sent to the administration by the tutor so they keep a record of the effect on a student’s progress after taking tuitions. The progress report is also sent to the parents of students to let them know about the workings of the tutor and its impact on the student.

These forms are individually designed by every tutoring agency but the basic information remains the same. The information asked by the tutor depends on the requirements of the agency they want to achieve about a student. Feedback obtained helps the agency to evaluate not only the performance of a student but also provides information about the hard work of the tutor that he puts in to help students in achieving a good score.

Feedback form as a questionnaire

A typical feedback form is a type of questionnaire that includes questions asked from the tutor about a student. Most of these questions are provided with multiple choice to select exactly how precisely a tutor evaluates students’ performances. There are several questions about the academic performance of the student. Extra-curricular activities are beyond the true purpose of this questionnaire.

Information asked in the form is given below,

  • Name of the Student being tutored.
  • Name of Tutor
  • Subject of tuition
  • Name of Student’s School
  • Class of Student
  • Age of Student
  • Overall grade of the student in class
  • The overall time required for tuition.

Following questions are asked about the student:

  • The willingness of a student for extra tuition
  • What are the student activities during classes?
  • Difficult areas for a student in the subject
  • Reason for difficulty in the subject
  • How to improve areas of difficulty
  • Result of mid-term in school
  • Result score of tests in school
  • Performance of student in quiz and assignments
  • Comparison of student’s performance in school and tuition tests.

The feedback obtained through these forms helps the agency to a better understanding of the students’ requirements. It also helps in acknowledging the tireless efforts of their staff to enhance student understanding in a particular subject.

Most agencies increase the ranks of their tutors by evaluating the performance of students. The higher rank tutor enjoys more pay as well as several other allowances. If the performance of a student does not change even by appointing a tutor, then those tutors are either warned to change their teaching methods or asked to leave tutoring.

Tutor feedback form