Travel Service Invoice

Travel Services Business & Invoice Templates

Dispatching the list of services to your buyer or customer along with the amount of money charged for those services is a broad definition of billing a service invoice. A travel service invoice is a billing statement with the following information:

  • The name of the company from which the services are taken ,along with its postal address and email address .
  • Date and identity code of the invoice for further reference.
  • The name of the customer along with his billing address , phone number, and email address.
  • The list of services availed , like which travelling packages were purchased.
  • The name of the place to be traveled from and the name of the place travelled to.
  • The travelling date and time.

Along with the above-mentioned information the following detailed description of the package or custom route is also given :

  • Name of the service.
  • Description of the service.
  • The cost per person availing the service.
  • The number of persons availing the service.
  • Other expenses for each of the packages.
  • Given discount.
  • The total amount.
  • If the amount is paid by credit card or online transaction, it is also mentioned in the end of the invoice.

Travel service invoice

A detailed invoice is very important for a successful travel services business. Every travel service provider should have a well-described service invoice to ensure a successful process and satisfied customers.

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