Travel Booklet Template for Word

Traveling is a leisure activity and is fun indeed. If you have a travel company, then you will want to advertise this to the public. You will want people to know about the exciting places that they can travel to. There are different ways to advertise yourself.

What is a Travel Booklet?

A travel booklet is one way that a travel company can advertise itself and also let tourists know of the amazing things that can be done at certain locations.

How to make a Travel Booklet?

If you need to make a travel booklet you can consider the below points:

  • Microsoft Word- The travel booklet needs to look professional so that your company can be seen like this. You can, therefore, make it in Microsoft Word and then print it out.
  • Title of the booklet– On the cover page of the booklet, give a title. You can state the name of your travel agency over here. Do this clearly and in a big font.
  • The image on the cover– Include a fun image of a beautiful destination that your agency is involved in. It can be some mountain, river, etc. The cover should be designed attractively so that people will pick it up and read it.
  • What your travel agency deals with– The booklet aims to promote your agency, therefore, it includes positive ways that it can help potential customers out. You can include the amazing things that your company offers. These can be in points. Things like bookings, excellent customer service, professional agents, international services, etc. Points that people want a travel agency to provide should be stated if your agency does these. Images can be included on this page of the booklet as well. The images once again should be of locations that the agency deals with. Nature images help. If the agency is involved in travels to a busy and attractive city, images of this can be included.
  • Designing the booklet– Remember that you want to show your agency as being professional and helpful. Therefore the booklet should look professional. Include real images and not those taken from the internet. Fresh nature images look good. Include those images that make people want to visit that country.
  • Exciting deals and packages– It is a good idea to include the point that your travel agency offers wonderful deals and packages. State these in points.
  • Simple to understand– The travel booklet should be simple to understand. Do not include too much information that makes the reader not want to continue reading.
  • Contact details– These should be stated clearly so that people could contact you. Include your physical address, phone number, email address.

Advantages of a Travel Booklet:

  • Allows tourists to know about your travel agency.
  • Lets people know what your agency does and the wonderful deals you have.

Due to the fact that a travel booklet helps in positively advertising a travel agency, the booklet needs to be designed carefully. It should not be tough to read and to confuse. The reader should want to contact you after having a look at the booklet.

Travel Booklet Template

Travel Booklet Template

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