Supervisor Feedback Form

The title of ‘supervisor’ is generally assigned to individuals with low-level managerial roles in professional settings. These can be in any industry from academics and administrators to the industrial level. A supervisor generally leads a team of 5 to 6 individuals and runs a project. They are responsible for every outcome of that project and for the workings of individuals of their team.

They are assigned this title by high administration due to their ability in a specific project, their leadership quality, managing resources to carry out the best possible outcome. Thus, they have the capacity to guide a team regarding any difficulty they may face during the completion of a project.

Major responsibilities of a supervisor include the coordinating rotation of job, cross-training for incapable individuals of a team, providing feedback to the team members, delegating with other supervisor and share their accomplishments, responding to the higher authority about the workings of their team, and scheduling shifts and hours of team members on the field.

Supervisor also shares the objectives of the company with their team members, identify and solve work-related problems and provide assistance in hiring new staff for the company based on their knowledge.

A Supervisor feedback form provides valuable information about the supervisor and how they are according to their team members. These forms are designed by companies as they employ various supervisors who along with their teams carry out several projects.

A number of supervisors and their teams within a company depend on the project that the company runs. Team members of a supervisor may also vary based on the project and the specialties of individuals required to complete the given task. Feedback form about supervisor is filled by every team member and submitted to higher administration for evaluation.

Every company designs its own feedback form based on the information they require about the supervisor and on the nature of the assigned project.

Most companies keep individuals anonymous, so they do not have to suffer any harm or bad behavior from the supervisor. Mostly these forms include rating questions that require the individuals to rate their supervisor in a specific category. Feedback form may ask for the following information,

  • Name of the Company/Industry/Institute
  • Logo of the Institute
  • Name of Evaluator (Optional)
  • Associated Department
  • Name of Supervisor      

Questions asked about supervisor include.

  • Functionality under pressure
  • Ability to drive a team in accomplishing work.
  • Demonstrate knowledge to complete the task at hand.
  • Represents situations and self honestly.
  • Provide a suitable environment for change.
  • Ability to manage assets such as technology, equipment, space, and budget.
  • Encourage growth in career of team-members.
  • Quality of service provided.
  • Plan out and distribute tasks nicely among team-members.
  • Ability to delegate with higher administration.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the solution.
  • Remains up to date on changing trends

A Company takes these forms very seriously as they act upon information provided by the evaluator. If a supervisor is unable to manage a team or task provided, they are given the warning to correct their behavior otherwise they will be terminated from the job.

Supervisor Feedback Form