Statement of Purpose

Official Statements

If you want to attain the registration for your business, you will have to first submit your statement of purpose along with the application. The statement of purpose generally shows your nature of the business that is what actually your business is, where it is based and why you are doing this business.

The statement of purpose generally includes the following important points:

  • It must clearly show your objective and targets of the business.
  • It must show the services that you are providing your business.
  • It must enlist your contact details.
  • It should contain all the necessary details and also your legal permit to work

The statement of purpose template consists of four parts

  • Part one will show your business contact details and your address.
  • The second part will show your targets and aims that you want to achieve through your business.
  • The third part will show your current location or the place where you are based. It will also show the needs that will be fulfilled through your services.
  • The last part will show the details about the staff that is employed to manage the services.

In order to write an effective statement of purpose, you can take guidance from various templates available on the internet. Its pattern keeps on changing so you have to take care of the most updated version.


statement of purpose

Download: Statement of Purpose

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