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Today many offices have shifted to a much more advanced method of marking attendance. The newly introduced technology is the use of individual thumb impression to mark attendance. Though followed by many but still not adopted by all. Still today many offices use the sign in and sign out sheets for marking attendance.

Sign in and Sign out Sheet

A sign in and sign out sheet is basically designed to know the exact time an employee enters and exits the office premises on a day. The employer gets to know through this sheet that who has come to the office and who has not. A timely record of the employees is saved by the organization.

Purpose of the Sheet

The sole purpose of devising such a sheet is to maintain a daily record of employee attendance. Having too many employees at work makes it difficult to know that who has come and who has not and what times one gets in and left. The sheet allows the employer not only to view the time in and time out of employees attending the office but also the employees who are not present at work on a particular day.

Benefits of the sheet

It is a tedious job to look a large number of employees. Looking up for when an employee enters and leaves is humanly not possible. It is rather very difficult. The sign in and sign out sheets have come up with a solution to this problem. With the sheet in your office, you can easily track the time in and time out of your employees and knowing for the ones who are not present at work.

Particulars of the sheet

A sign in sheet contains the following particulars:

  1. Employee Id
  2. Date
  3. Time in
  4. Timeout
  5. Employee signature

An important point to be noted here is that some offices also have a department option here to see to which department an employee belongs to. It is certainly up to the organization to design the sheet according to their specifications.


Sign in sheet template


Sign in Sheet Template

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Visitor sign in sheet


Visitor Sign in Sheet Template

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