School Performance Program Template

Schools have performances that parents and family attend. These take much time and effort on the part of the students and teachers to prepare. It is necessary to have a program informing the viewers about the performance. This makes it seem more formal and professional.

What is a School Performance Program?

A school performance program is a document that informs viewers about the program. It can tell about the director, sponsors, items involved in the performance, etc.

What to Include in a School Performance Program Template?

If you have a school performance program template, then you can quickly make this program document and that in an interesting and appealing way. Below are some tips on what to include in this template.

  • Microsoft Word– Microsoft Word can be used to create the school performance program template. It needs to look professional and not childish.
  • The folded page or small book– The program can be in the form of one page that has been folded therefore having a cover and inside portion. If you want, you can make it in the form of a small book.
  • Cover– The cover needs to be attractive. You can include a picture here. It can be of the people involved in the play. The cover must be appealing so that people can be satisfied that the program will be fun.
  • Name of the performance– You should include the name of the performance on the cover.
  • When is the performance– On the cover, you can state the month, day and time of the performance? The dates should be written clearly.
  • Note from the director– After the cover, you will come onto the inside area of the program. Over here, you can start by having a note from the director. The director’s name will be stated. The note can include the importance of the program and how much effort was put into it. You can include images here as well.
  • Sponsors– If they are any sponsors, these need to be known. The logo of the sponsors can be included. This will look good.
  • Timings and order of performances– In the program, you should start with the first performance and carry on till the last. You can write the time of the performances if you want to as well.
  • Names of people involved– You can state the name of the people in the performance and also of those people helping in making the performance possible.

Advantages of the Template

A school performance program template needs to look good and interesting. Some of its advantages include:

  • Lets the viewers know what the school performance involves.
  • The name of the actors and those involved in making the play possible can be stated. This makes them feel special.
  • Sponsors can be known by all as well.

A school performance program template should be made short, including only what is necessary. It should be attractive and appealing, highlighting the important things of the performance. Include sponsors as well who helped make the performance possible.


School Performance Program Template

School Performance Program Template