School Counselor Feedback Form

Who is a school counselor?

School counselors are found in primary and secondary schools and provide guidance to the students through a school counseling program. It is a major part of the education system to assist students for different purposes such as providing assistance for college access, managing through difficult course lessons, and planning emotional health. Every institution hires counselors along with teaching staff to help students through their curricular and extra-curricular activities.

With changing, environment and increased competitiveness in academics prove hard for students. It also affects their mental health, and these situations can lead to depression, disappointment. The presence of a counselor within school premises allows students to open and share their problems with someone who is listening. Further advancements in technology and rapid development have affected us in a way that we do not find a listener to share our problems.

Students need guidance and support regarding their issues. They share their concerns regarding teachers, their colleagues, their personal life, social pressure with a counselor as they know it would not be publicized as a counselor is under oath to keep their conversations private.

Therefore, school counselors are significant members of the school team, as they help students in their academics, managing emotions, personal life so that students become more productive and do not fall under the burden wagon. It is the foremost duty of a counselor to help a student reach its full potential and to achieve it a student should be flexible, patient, and caring. They may also help students through bullying, average academic performance, low self-esteem, and other disabilities.

A counselor may also refer a student to gain extra counseling from a psychologist or mental health counselor. Thus, counselors help students to evaluate their interests, abilities, and potentials for developing realistic career goals and making sane decisions.

Counselor feedback form

Counselor feedback forms provide data about the workings of a counselor within any institution. These forms are filled by students that receive counseling and provide their valuable feedback so the school can take notice if the counselor’s behavior is inappropriate, or he is unable to fulfill his duties assigned by the school administration.

Feedback forms are designed by every institution and the information asked majorly revolves around the interest of the institution about counselors. It may ask for the following information from students:

  • If the counselor listens effectively
  • Understanding of situation from a student’s point of view
  • The focus of the counselor on an important part of the situation.
  • Providing leadership if necessary
  • Time management by the counselor
  • Showed warmth towards you.
  • The number of sessions was taken.
  • If the sessions were helpful in dealing with problems
  • If any previous such forms were submitted by the student
  • Respect towards each other’s religious views and beliefs
  • With respect to the racial background
  • Overall satisfaction with the service provided.

Information gathered through these forms help school administration to keep a check on counselor regarding their help towards kids in need. If the feedback is not appropriate then schools take strict actions against counselors as the mental health and progress of a student depends on it.

School counselor feedback form