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Rent Receipt

The rent is the money received by the owner of something he has given to some other person for the time being to make use of in exchange of money. This money is non-refundable and the property, appliances and many other objects could be put down under umbrella of the rent. Many people have developed a business around this. But whatever you are giving on rent, the most important thing is that you get the rent receipt. Being a tenant it will be the evidence for you to show that the object that you have rented is paid for and the owner can also keep track of the rent.

Components of sample rent receipt template

For your ease we have designed the rent receipt template. All you have to do is fill up all the necessary information such as:

• Name of both, the person paying the rent and the owner along with their signatures.
• The mode of payment for keeping track.
• Most importantly, the object and its code such as for houses or shops etc. we use their addresses while for boats and appliances their codes or numbers are written down.
• Date at which the money was paid or received.

All this information is of vital importance and thus it is very necessary that you fill out immediately as you pay or receive the rent. The template designed by us will make the process more easy for you so that there remain no ambiguity in regard to the money.

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Sample Rent Receipt Template