Salary Slip Template

Salary Slip Sheets

A salary slip sheet as the name indicates is a tool that records the salaries of the employees of a company or organization. The sheet is basically a summary of all the payment details of all the employees.

Uses of Salary slip sheet

The uses of salary slip sheet are widely known by all. This slip sheet works as a document for proof of the salary paid or due. A salary slip is also known as a pay slip and it is a very important document that can let an employee take control over the salary functions. Typically it is given to all the employees by the company with the salary. The sheet, however, is the document of the employer. This is used in the accounts department of the organization as the summarized details of the salaries of all the employees are mentioned on it in column form. By just a look at it, the employer can know that how the salaries were calculated and when were they distributed. Every company or organization follows its own unique format of salary slip and criteria to calculate the amount, but the most common one is discussed as under.


No matter what format a company follows, every salary slip sheet shall have a gross salary, income tax, leaves taken and other similar details of the employees during the relevant month. The salary slip sheet should start with the month or date to which this sheet belongs. This helps in making sure that correct data related to the right period. After that, the names of the employees must be mentioned in the first column, in the second column their designations, third and fourth columns should refer to the month and year to which this data belongs respectively. Total days in the said month leaves allowed to that respective employee and the leaves he has utilized in the month should follow. The total number of days worked by the individual should be calculated according to the days worked. Then the gross amount of salary should be written. Make sure that any tax or other deductions are shown clearly on this sheet to avoid confusions.


Salary Slip Template