Problem of the Week Sheet Template

Problem-of-the-week is known as a problem that is presented each week before the audience to solve it. These problems can be related to any topic of science, arts, history, economics, business, or any other field. The idea behind this concept is to present an audience with a query that is not solved yet so that any smart brain can see it from an angle that nobody could see and solve the query.

Many institutions conduct this problem as an activity to boost the morale of students by announcing mega prizes for the winner. Each week a new problem is presented to students and they use every resource to solve the problem and win prizes.

Rules are decided and put before students as they can solve problems using resources available at their institute and not use any outside source. This rule allows students to act sharp and find each source where they can find an answer. Not only institutes but such activities are also arranged at a higher level as the government presents a problem in front of the public to solve it and win recognition.

It is one way to enhance the love of knowledge and education among people, so they are also motivated to seek knowledge and be a part of such mega activity that involves the masses. Rules are decided regarding winners and resources that can be used.

The problem of the week sheet provides a limited area to work out on a problem and find its solution. All the side work related to the problem is done on that sheet and the answer is mentioned. This sheet provides a layout of steps to the student which are to be followed to solve the problem.

Generally, a problem of the sheet includes following content,

  • Name of student
  • Institution
  • Rules of solving the problem
  • The problem of the week
  • Space provided to perform side work in order to obtain an answer
  • The answer to the problem

Answers are required to be explained by the students. A one-word answer is not acceptable as it can be cheated easily therefore, it is compulsory to explain your answer with proper justification.

These activities are very important as they increase passion regarding knowledge gain and improve the creative and critical thinking of the students. Solving a problem in limited time and space can be very challenging and it is crucial to think smarter and have an open mind towards every possibility.

Such activities should be arranged on all levels of government and private institutions. Prizes can be of low worth, but it enhances the morale of students and they look forward to such activities.

These activities also help in identifying individuals with super intellect ad as they can use their ability in solving a problem and can be identified easily. The intellect of such individuals is often wasted as they are not provided with opportunities and remain hidden. Some of these individuals do not understand their own worth.

If intellectual individuals are identified and polished according to their intellect, they can perform wonders. They are naturally gifted to change the dynamics of the world. All they require is polishing which can steer them in the right direction.

Many countries conduct such quests to identify individuals with super-intellect. The problem of the week comes in handy in such situations as it is very plain and doesn’t raise any suspicious eyes.

Problem of the week sheet template