Printing Company Letterheads for Word

New companies emerge each day and are continuously contributing to changing the horizon of the business market and making it exemplary. These companies are led by entrepreneurs, and it may seem that they are not required by the public, but they continue to provide their services and fill in major gaps once they are acknowledged. Every company or business requires time and continuous efforts to stand on its own and make the mark that lasts longer than the company itself.

A printing company is an organization that is involved in the printing of material which may include paper, press, envelopes, etc. The process of printing involves different types of machines, software, inks, and papers. Printing companies are used by people for printing purposes as there are a large number of objects that can be printed. It is a huge market and generates handsome revenue each year.

A letterhead is defined as a heading on top of a paper that communicates basic information about the company. The letterhead of a printing company provides the essential details to the customers without any hassle. They do not need to call or drop by or search the Internet for petty information.

Details provided on the letterhead of a printing company are given below,

  • Name of company
  • Logo of company
  • Address
  • Contact information
  • Director
  • Contact information of director
  • Dealings
  • Time of operation
  • Quote


Designs of letterheads are pretty basic as they are used in official format but the following points must be considered while designing them,

  • Make sure to use readable font size and style as some letterheads use too small font size which is not readable
  • Use a solid background for paper such as white, crème, off-white etc.
  • Do not use any cartoon character or any other animated character to maintain the official status
  • Choose black ink for printing as it goes best with above mentioned backgrounds
  • Do not use gradients, graphics on the letterhead

Letterheads can be easily designed by the administration with a bit of creativity as there are no hard and fast rules in organizing essential details of the company on paper. After designing, the designs are transferred onto the desired paper through printing machines.

Letterheads can also be taken from the Internet as there are hundreds of templates available which can be easily downloaded and used after filling in the required information. These templates are provided by people who used them and now want to help others in saving their time.

Some special templates can only be used after paying their charged fees which are allotted by the provider to earn some money through the use of templates.

Moreover, freelancing websites provide hundreds of options through various freelancers, who can customize a letterhead according to the provided requirements in a day or two.


The significance of printing company letterheads can be evaluated from the following points,

  • Receipts of raw material purchases can be kept on letterhead paper
  • Bills can be made on the letterhead to signify the official nature
  • Contact information can be given to every customer for further assistance

Sample Templates


Printing company letterhead template

Template File Size: 3MB


Printing company letterhead template

Template File Size: 2MB


Printing company letterhead template

Template File Size: 2MB


Printing company letterhead template

Template File Size: 2MB


Printing company letterhead template

Template File Size: 2MB