Outer Space Word Finder Template

What is a word finder?

Word finder is a type of puzzle that is comprised of an array of random letters along with correct sequences of words found in between. This puzzle is based on the idea of hiding sequences among letters so that hidden sequences can be found. Word finders are the most common type of puzzle as they can be solved easily, and all answers are in front of you.

For solving these, a keen eye is needed to locate each letter and find its sequence. It may not be as easy as it sounds because letters of sequence can be arranged from left to right, right to left, top to bottom, bottom to top, or diagonally in any direction. The presence of random letters plays tricks with your brain and makes it difficult to locate sequences even if they are right in front of you.

These are also popular as no scientific formula or any other calculation is required for solving word finders. Concentration is required to solve such puzzles.

Word finder as a complex puzzle

These word finders can be easy with 8 -10 hidden words that are to be found by the searcher or can be complex with as many as 20/25 to word spread between letters. Complex puzzle, as the name suggests is very time consuming but have the ability to enhance the enthusiasm of a searcher as the game progresses. These puzzles can be presented in any form and competitions can be held among different searchers. Such as a competition of a complex puzzle between searchers in a limited time frame. Searcher, who can locate more words in less time wins the game.

Word finders with a smaller number of words can be made manually to play at home. It just requires the arrangement of 8 or more words in an array and adding random letters to fill it. Various applications of word finders are available on the internet which can not only be easily accessed but can be downloaded.

Word finder as brain development tool

This puzzle plays a major role in brain development as it requires concentration and a keen eye to find words. It is especially good for kids to play at home. It does not only help development but also enhances their vocabulary.

Not only kids, but older people can also try their hand it. It entertains both elders and kids alike by keeping their morale high throughout the game. Therefore, kids should be entertained with easy word finders at home and later it becomes a hobby they cannot leave.

Outer space is defined as the expanse that exists beyond the earth’s environment. This space is a vacuum and contains a low density of particles which include plasma of hydrogen and helium. Moreover, it also includes neutrino, magnetic field, cosmic rays, dust, and electromagnetic radiations.

Outer space does not have a definite altitude from the earth’s surface. An altitude of 100 km above sea level is considered as the beginning of outer space for aerospace record keepings.

An easy outer space word finder may include components of our solar system. Kids are generally aware of the solar system and planets included in it, so it gets easy for them to search those. Planets include Mars, Jupiter, Earth, Mercury, Venus, etc.

Outer Space Word Finder Template