Meeting Feedback Form

Meetings are a predominant part of an office and business as employees have to sit together to discuss the plans for progress and success. But the time spent on a meeting is wasted if the manager or CEO of the company does not know if the meeting was successful or what the employees think about it. So, it is where the meeting feedback form comes, and it contains some important points on which the feedback of employees is collected.

General questions asked by the employees:

  • Was the meeting informative and valuable?
  • How much information you were looking for?
  • Was the time of the meeting enough?
  • On which topic you want information in the next meeting?

All the above-mentioned questions are required to be answered with just a tick mark as the form does not allow space to write in detail. There are multiple options below each question from which an employee has to select. There is also a comment box and a suggestion box in the form to allow the employees to write in their own way.

The main purpose of meeting feedback form:

The main purpose of asking the employees to fill the meeting feedback form is to know if they feel the meeting was productive. It is also a source of confirming if the meeting objective was communicated prior to the scheduled time and if they are met.

There is nothing that can measure the success of a meeting if the employees themselves don’t give their views and what they think about it. The best thing about the form is it can be sent online, yes the company owners can get it printed. But this is an online era, so sending the form digitally looks great. Rating of the meeting by those who were present in it and getting constructive feedback from them assists in improvement.

Providing the employees with the meeting feedback form is for telling them that the time spent on the meeting is not wasted. Their time is valuable for the company and the owner or the manager who arranged the meeting wants them to participate in the company’s improvement.

The companies which do not give a chance to their employees to share their opinion can’t work on the improvement. The reason behind it is if the view of the employees doesn’t matter for the owner, then no one collaborates for success.

A feedback form with the relevant questions helps in the growth of the company. In a few minutes, reviews of the employees are collected. Those few minutes are more valuable than the time of the meeting even if it is more than an hour. So, no company should underestimate the power of meeting feedback forms.

Meeting feedback form