Loan Analysis Worksheet Template

Loan Analysis is a method of guaranteeing that the loans created are made on possible terms to clients and ensuring that they are financially sound enough to pay them back. A loan analysis will also help determine which loans breed income and are qualified according to fixed criteria. Another aim of loan analysis is to assess the financial abilities of the client and calculate the impact of the loan.

Loan analysis worksheet offers a comprehensive set of tables of the rates of the loan over the years for various standings of mortgages and installment loans. This template provides a variety of small and large table of comparisons as well as graphics and pie charts for the agreement terms.

The loan analysis worksheet template contains:

  • Tables with different categories containing a given set of rates and the years covered in specific terms dependent on all the loans that the company wishes to be analyzed.
  • All the data is automatically generated as soon as the required facts and figures are entered.
  • It allows you to insert your figures after calculating your loans through mortgage calculators.
  • After fixing mortgage plan, compare the results with other mortgage rates.

The data that is required to be inserted into the Loan Analysis worksheet template includes Interest Rate, Years of Loan, Loan Amount, Payments Due, Monthly Payment, Total Payment and Total Interest. This analysis template allows you to see how much you are in trouble if you are wishing to apply for some loan. It lets you calculate how much your company worth is and how much debt is it safe to be in.


Loan Analysis Worksheet Template