Job Offer Letter

Any business organization has a number of documents and official writings that it uses on daily basis. The business operations of these entities have been standardized in the form of standard operating procedures or SOPs. These SOPs are also supported by many official documents.

Some of these may be used to communicate information to internal or external stakeholders, some may be used for record keeping and some may be involved in the progression of different processes. Every department and function of the organization has its own set of official documents. Whether it is marketing, finance, accounting or HR, all of them are dependent on many different types of documents.

A job offer letter is one such document that is used to communicate with a prospective employee of the company.

Whenever a business is hiring for a new employee, it undergoes a vigorous and thorough process of selection and recruitment. Once a candidate has been selected the company will offer him/her a certain pay package with a given set of job responsibilities and duties. This message may be communicated to the prospective client through a job offer letter.

Apart from including the details of the job description and his/her expected duties and responsibilities, the job offer letter will also contain all the details of the salary being offered along with any other benefits and allowances that the candidate will be given.

Other terms and conditions of the job are also stated in the job offer letter. If the candidate accepts them, he may sign the letter and accept the job.

A sample Job Offer Letter has been prepared by our professionals and is given below. One can download this template easily. You can customize this template with your information regarding job offer letter and use it to serve the purpose.


Job Offer Letter

Job Offer Letter

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