Job Interview Checklist for a Candidate

Interviews are formal communication or conversation between a man in power and an applicant for a certain job. It is generally defined as a one-on-one conversation between interviewer and interviewee. Interviewers check the CV of the applicant and ask questions related to the job offered. The environment of an interview is highly professional and can be semi-professional based on the requirements of the job.

A company puts an ad for a vacancy and provide requirements of qualification gender and experience for the job. Any person qualifying for the terms decided by the company can apply and wait for the interview.

Each applicant is interviewed separately and based on their progress throughout their life and interview, the selection is done. The process of interview majorly decides the fate of the applicant and it is very important to make a good first impression. Interviews usually progress smoothly, and applicants are then asked to wait for the results. Sometimes interviewer may ask tricky questions to confuse applicants. This is done to observe their reaction and decide if an applicant can perform under pressure.

Job interviews require an applicant to be at their best state of mind as these interviews hold the fate of their future. It is very difficult to secure a good job in this competitive environment and to lose a good job due to silly reasons makes you regret your decisions. Therefore, it is important to prepare yourself for the interview beforehand.

Why checklists?

Checklists are designed to carry a list of important tasks or points that needs to be remembered. These are important as they remind us of all the tasks that we need to complete for the day and the time at which those tasks need to be performed. These can be maintained by a student as well as a teacher due to their ease of usage.

Applicants can make checklists of things-to-do after they have secured the interview so that they do not forget anything.

A checklist may have…

For interview preparation, Do the following

  • Visit the company‚Äôs website and look for its employees, clients, and accomplishments.
  • View job description and understand the requirements and skills needed for the job.
  • Relate your skillset with the skills required for the job.
  • Prepare a brief intro of the company in your mind to reflect your interest.
  • Practice a mock interview with friends or family.

A day before interview, following tasks should be done:

  • Decide clothes for the interview and get them pressed.
  • Dress formally and avoid using bright colors.
  • Arrange all documents portfolio, ID card, in a file and keep it handy.
  • Check out all the details mentioned on cv and memorize them.
  • Take a sound sleep.

On the day of interview

  • Wake up and early get dressed.
  • Carry all your documents and leave before 1 hour.
  • Reach the interview place 15 minutes before the interview.
  • Do not act nervous or other applicants might confuse you.
  • Do not take any questions personally.
  • Do not engage in chit chats with other applicants.
  • Keep your answers to the point and do not over-explain yourself.
Job interview checklist for a candidate