Flexible Balance Sheet Template

A business or company can’t conclude the year-end activities unless and until they are done with balancing all the fields of accounts. Usually, there are specialists who are hired for this purpose and paid a good amount of money for this. We have a very easy solution for you which is in the format of a template known as flexible balance sheet template. The use of this template is not only simple but a very user-friendly. It provides a way to learn which promises you to find the accurate results. With the help of this template, you can also track all your assets and liabilities and mold the further actions accordingly.

Our flexible balance sheet template is a smart way to track your financial performance recorded over a period of time. Our team of professionals have given the best look to this template and made sure that this will lead you towards an easy dealing. Moreover, it is a very smart move by companies who undertake their financial performances before they actually implement any such strategy. This will always reduce the level of risk that a company might face and gives a very smart move to go on. You just have to enter the numbers in given format as per the headings and then your values will automatically be calculated. Yes! those nasty mathematics calculations are not for you. You can change the ratio and formula if you desire to calculate anything which is not there. This gives a complete leverage to edit and customize the format of the template as per your company policy and enjoy easy going strategy.

MS Excel File | No.of sheets = 3

Sheet#1 Balance Sheet

Flexible Balance Sheet Template


Sheet#2 and Sheet#3 contains calculations and readme. Complete details to use this balance sheet is given in sheet#3. You can download and continue with opening this file using MS Excel. Read instructions and make the best use of this flexible balance sheet template.

To download this sample balance sheet click the link: Flexible Balance Sheet