Executive Summary Template

Executive summary at a glance

An executive summary is a document that gives a brief summary of a long report. Majorly this report just includes main points yet enough of them to make the reader well informed. All the key points discussed in this report are kept in the same sequence as they are discussed in the full or long report. So basically, this report is the short summary of all the points that are discussed in detail in the long report.

To whom the report addresses?

This report is typically addressed to the non-technical people of business or the executives as the name suggests who either have no time to go through the full-length report or do not understand the business jargons. For them, the report carries enough information that they can get a good idea about the standings of the business.

The unknown benefits of this summary

This summary is also known as a business short review. The lesser known fact about this summary is that as this executive summary is placed on top of the full-fledged report, it highlights the initial face of the business in front or prospective or current investors. In other words, this document is the first impression of the business. Without a doubt, a well drafted executive summary will explain the real essence & total vigor of the business plan in a comprehensible and gripping way.


If the company follows a standard format while drafting the executive summary, that can leave a very convincing first impression. The basic executive summary form will start with the details of the company in question. For instance, its name, the year it was founded or established in, street address, the name of the city it is located in, state and Zip of that area. On the second step, details related to the business, product or service come up. These details may include, the principal mission of the company, the products or services offered and what is the current flagship product or service. Other than that, the competitive advantage this particular product or service has over other competitors should be briefly mentioned along with the planned advancements for betterment in the future.


Executive Summary Template