Event Flyers from MS Word

A flyer refers to the advertisement of an event that is about to come about. The flyers are designed in different ways and targeted according to the type of the event. The design should be very striking. Moreover, it should also be persuasive to fulfill the purpose. They are either distributed or posted to the respective group of people.

Different templates are provided by MS Word this year to pick and customize for your personal use. We have collected the list here for you at one place.


The flyer as shown below has a chevron pattern along with a mild image of a hut styled home. The color combination of eggplant and peach is adding much to the flash of the page. The eggplant color symbolizes creativity, the peach color identifies thoughtfulness. The address is positioned at the top left. The title is placed in the middle in bold yellow font. The title in yellow is making the flyer more prominent. Under the title are sub-heading and some short inclusive declaration. The day, date, time and year are positioned boldly at the bottom. The flyer can be chosen for events for all formal official events.

Event flyer template MS Word

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The flyer shown down is straightforward yet vibrant. The background pattern of party poppers is looking striking. The color contrast of purple, sky blue, and the lemon color is elegant. The blue color shows calamity. The purple color symbolizes inventiveness. The yellow color demonstrates joy. The title is positioned at the top in large font. The invitation salutation and timings and address are placed then. The important notes are positioned in the end. The flyer could be chosen for birthday parties, anniversaries, baby showers etc.

Event flyer template

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The flyer shown below looks quite refreshing and revitalizing. An energizing natural image is making it very refined. The main text is written on a background of carmine color. The carmine color shows potency. The combination of rust and pink color shows fineness. The title, subtitle, date, time, location and address are placed on the top left. The relevant footnotes are positioned at the bottom. The flyer goes well for all kind of charity events.

MS Word Flyer for an Event

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The flyer as follows is very eye-catching. The confetti pattern is making it much sparkling. The spruce color background is making the confetti pattern more prominent. The spruce color shows sensibleness. The title is placed in the middle in bold font. The different activities to occur are placed next to it. The timings and location are placed in the footer in a civilized way. The flyer could be chosen for all the recreational events like carnivals, fiesta etc.

Holiday party flyer MS Word

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The flyer as follows is shows stimulation. A background image of healthy food looks pulsating. The multihued food image shows energy and power. The vector pattern is designed appropriately. The event name is placed in the middle of the page. The relevant short notes are placed under the title. The footer contains summarized relevant statements. The flyer is could be chosen for the entire events on health and nutrition.

Event Flyer Sample

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The flyer shown below is very pleasant and soothing to the eyes. The image of pendant bulbs is quite remarkable. The soft white color of pendant bulbs covers is the basis of the main attraction of the flyer. It symbolizes purity and perfection and success. The title and sub-title are placed in the middle in bold font. The necessary information regarding the nature of the event is placed along with the contact number and email id. This elegant flyer can be chosen for all kind of events whether formal or informal.

Event flyer sample template

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