Employee Absence Schedule


Employees are the backbone of any organization and it is them who make the organization more profitable or take it to a loss. These employees work day in and day out to make sure that their work contributes to their organization and the work that they do on an everyday basis is accountable to the end product of the organization. Of course, the employees are humans and sometimes they will not be present and will take a day off for some reason. These employees are given time off by the organization but to make sure that the employees aren’t absent a lot, an organization should maintain an employee absence schedule which enables them to keep an eye on all the absences that an employee has been making and if the employees are on the note of over doing it.


This employee absence schedule template has the names and details of all the employees and every time an employee is absent, the organization makes a mark on the absence tracker. This tracker consists of various columns and rows which make the whole tracking easier and many organization divide the tracker into various subdivisions and distribute them among the various departments so a more practical way of tracking is practiced.

employee absence scheduleBecause an organization doesn’t have the time nor do they want to use up the resources that go into making the tracker from scratch, they make use of a template and customize it according to their needs and their want.

DOWNLOAD: Employee Absence Schedule