Education Brochure Template

An education brochure can help students know what a particular course or educational program will be including. They can figure out whether they are interested in enrolling in this and if it will help them out.

What is an Education Brochure?

This can be said to be a promotional brochure about education events. It is helpful for those organizations that require broadcasting some special events. A brochure tends to be a small book or also magazine that has pictures as well as information concerning a product or service.

How to make an Education Brochure?

  • Interesting and engaging– The brochure needs to be interesting so that people will be attracted to it and want to know what it is about. It should draw the attention of people.
  • Use color– A brochure that uses color stands out. The colors used should depend on who it is intended for. If it is an educational brochure for kindergarten kids, then bright colors can be used.
  • Easy to understand content– The content needs to be easy to understand. Simple words should be used that will allow those who the education brochure is intended to understand it.
  • Straightforward language– The copy should flow well and be easy to read. The complicated language should be left out.
  • Only important information– It is not a good idea to include extra information that will make the reader not want to read on. Any boring information should not be included.
  • Illustrations– Illustrations need to be included that can allow the content to be simple to understand. These also allow the listeners’ attention to be positively caught. Illustrations of this sort should be included.
  • Professionally shot photos– A good photo is able to add excitement and dynamics to the brochure. With the help of a good photographer, you can get shots that enhance the institution’s brand. It is better to use photos of staff, students, as well as facilities present at the school rather than using stock photos.
  • Readable font– The font used in the brochure should be readable and clear. Headings can be in a larger font so that they stand out. To make it more interesting, some important words can be in another font.
  • Name of the education institution– This needs to be clearly stated so that people know whose program it is.
  • Date– The date can be stated when the education brochure was made and till when the information is valid. This allows others to know if they can benefit from it.


  • Can attract potential students
  • Lets students know of your activities

Educational brochures are important as they can let your school get more students if they are attracted to what your school offers. They, therefore, need to be made carefully so that people will want to know more about your institution and what you have to offer. It is important to use straightforward language. Do not think that people will be attracted by complex language. They want to understand what is being said easily.

Education Brochure Template

Education Brochure Template