Easter Bunny Club Party Flyer


The western world has a long list of legends and historical characters that are considered to be real by most kids and even by some adults. According to one legend, an Easter bunny that is associated with the Easter occasion of Christians is responsible for bringing special baskets of eggs that are colored and some assorted types of candies and even toys for children in their homes. The Easter Bunny is also known as the Spring Bunny or the Easter Hare. It is a very famous character just like the Santa Claus that brings gifts for children to their home just before the night of Easter.


Easter itself is an old folk or Christian festival or occasion that is celebrated as a day of resurrection of the Christ. The occasion is celebrated each year between 21st March and 25 April. It is one of the most vital and old festivals in the Christian communities. It is mostly the first Sunday after the full moon.

The Easter Bunny club party flyer is used to distribute and communicate information related to the Easter bunny club. This club has been formed for the people who simply love the bunny concept and have been loving it since childhood. The Easter bunny club party flyer will inform people and fans of the club about the party that might be arranged on specific dates. The flyer will contain the date, duration, time and venue of the party.

easter bunny club party flyer