Employment Contract Template

Like all other departments of a business organization, the human resource department is equally important and critical to its overall success. It ensures that all the appointments and jobs within the company are clearly described according to their duties and responsibilities and type of employees required for accomplishing those tasks are outlined. Once the requirement is clear the organization can easily search and hire the right type of skilled and professional people.

It is a very important task of human resource to look out for the talented human resource from the market and then attract them towards joining their company. once an employee has joined in he is required to sign an employment contract.

Employment contract and its importance:

The employment contract is a very important and useful official document. It is a formal written document or agreement between the employee and the employer. The employment contract consists of all the terms and conditions of the relationship and makes the employment process legally enforceable by law. Without its presence, the new employee will have many ambiguities about their work relations. So to protect the rights of all the parties involved in the agreement an employment contract is drafted. It needs to be signed by both the parties to become effective.

The basic employment contract will contain the following information:

  • The name and details of the new employee
  • His new appoint and duties and responsibilities of the job
  • The rights of the employee like the remuneration and perks if any
  • Details of allowed leave of absence


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