Direct Marketing Analysis Template

Direct marketing analysis is an analysis of the marketing campaigns and activities of a business. This analysis is done by directly interacting with the consumers.

Direct marketing analysis allows companies to analyze their sales and losses. They can do this by calling, emailing, or using online websites to ask customers to drop in their feedback.

Direct marketing analysis spreadsheet provides the companies with a database of names for prospective clients, customers as well as other businesses. Executives can also add in other pertinent information such as contact numbers of the client, addresses, and location, purchasing history, etc.

One of the main aims of direct marketing analysis is the dimension of results.

Direct marketing analysis template has made it easier for marketing managers to find the results of an ongoing marketing campaign. Many managers do this by using the company’s website’s landing page and then linking it directly relating to the promotional ads.

The template is used to develop:

  • Lists of directed units who share some common interests or traits.
  • It also helps in generating a database for marketing campaigns.
  • Provides the managers with a gross figure of the sales, losses, and profits.
  • Taxes are written under a separate category and are deducted from the total budget.

Use this template to run the numbers on a direct marketing campaign. It includes a breakdown of gross margin of the product being sold, the cost of the direct mail piece, and an analysis of the profit.


Direct Marketing Analysis Template

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