Customer Complaint Forms

It is the right of everyone to protest when s/he does not get the service as it should be. The complaints are lodged to the top management of the company about the service provides working for the company.

There are forms that are used provided by the company to complain about anything that has offended them. However, the legitimate use of these forms is very important. Some people fill the form just to annoy the company. For this purpose, the company should conduct the verification of the complaints.

Main components of the complaint verification form:

The main details that should be added to the form are:

  1. The details of the person lodging the complaint such as name, email address, phone number, and mail address etc.
  2. Name of the employee or the business
  3. The physical address of the business
  4. Phone number, email address, mail address

It should be instructed in the form that if the form will not be filled completely, it will not be accepted.

A sincere and honest customer always lodges the complaints so that the improvements can be brought.  For example, when a patient sees any problem in the establishment such as imprecise medication, delays in service etc.

A complaint can be lodged so that the company’s management can bring improvement in its system and the problem that you have faced can be rectified.

The complaint forms are available in almost every business that is filled by the clients. It is very important for a business to distinguish between the fake complaints and the real one. It should be ensured that the complaint received has been lodged with the motive to refine the business.

Benefits of complaint verification form:

  1. With the help of this form, the business can easily distinguish between the real and fake complaints
  2. The nature of complaint as well as the information about the client who has filled the complaint form can be obtained from this form
  3. The form saves a business from lots of formalities which consequently saves a lot of time.


Customer complaint form

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