Comparative Earnings Analysis Template

Comparative earnings analysis is an analysis which makes comparisons between financial data from different periods of time. The comparative analysis outlines many sections of the income statement, balance sheet or cash flow statement with its conforming section from a previous period.

Comparative earnings analysis template helps such comparison analysts with constructing a comparative statement. The comparative statement shows the outcome business decisions have on a company’s bottom line or foundation. Analysts can identify trends and evaluate the performance of managers via comparative earnings analysis template.

In the template, analysts can:

  • Make new lines of business and new products on one statement instead of having to flip through individual financial statements.
  • Collect different statements from different periods of time in one database.
  • Help with the construction of a comparative statement, doing comparisons between various time periods and business profits and losses.
  • Can help to show how businesses react to market conditions touching an entire industry.

This template helps you perform some basic fundamental equity (stock) analysis. It can also help to compare financial data and facts and figures from different companies over time, thus revealing the trends and fashions in the financial markets. Analysts can acquire data and enter into the template to do the comparisons of the various markets. This can help in constructing a sound and an honest comparative statement that can be used in the future for references.

Comparative earnings analysis template also contains a format for balance sheet and income statement including both profit and loss accounts in which each item can be used to shows figures.


Comparative Earnings Analysis Template

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