Certificate of Appreciation Template

Certificate of Appreciation

There are several reasons as well as occasions when a person would want to create and present a certificate of appreciation. It is usually a formal document that is destined for a frame. Creating a certificate of appreciation involves writing about the recipient and stating the cause that enabled him/her to merit this award. A certificate of appreciation would usually contain the following items:

  • Name of the recipient
  • Title of the recipient
  • A brief explanation why the person deserves this certificate.

A concise account of the actions, behavior and/or services rendered by the recipient that benefited the organization, may also be added. The wording of the certificate will vary depending on the occasions and the reason why it is being presented. However, there are some things that are usually always written on a certificate of appreciation. These words could be either “For outstanding services” or “In recognition of commitment to the highest standards” etc.

Benefits of certificates of appreciation

There are many benefits of awarding certificates of appreciation. In professional environments, they are considered great tools for boosting the morale of the employees. Some of the best advantages of presenting these certificates are as follows:

  • They boost the morale of employees and keep them motivated in the future.
  • The certificate serves as recognition of the hard work that an employee has put in.
  • It motivates workers into working harder since they know that there is an honorable thing to be earned at the successful completion of a job.

When you are presenting a certificate of appreciation to a family member or a friend, it should reflect your deepest feelings about that person. It should reflect sincerity as well as your thankfulness.


Certificate of Appreciation Template

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