Automobile Condition Report Template

Automobile Condition Report

It is a document which is used to have an overall idea about the condition of the vehicle. Several times, people wish to inspect the condition of their vehicle for different purposes and for this all the important details can be drafted in a report form for a better look.

Why an automobile condition report?

This report has a number of uses as first of all it can be used as an inspection document, especially for sale purposes. Other than that if a person wishes to plan a long traveling on his vehicle, he should prepare an automobile condition report so that every aspect of the vehicle can be determined. In this way, it will become clear that whether the person should rely on the automobile or not. Furthermore, it helps the transportation companies to tackle any damage claim or other legal actions that may be taken against them. This tool also helps in making the sale and purchase of a vehicle smooth, effective and safe. Because of this, the buyer gets a very good idea about the overall condition of the item being sold. It is most commonly used by motor carriers, dealers and private sellers of the automobile.


A standard template of the automobile condition report consists of the name of the dealer and customer along with the contact details. Details of the vehicle being sold like made or model of it, its color, body overall condition, mileage, VIN, license details, tire conditions, engine usage, and condition, etc. The report should start with the number of this form, location and the date on which it will be presented. After that, details like vehicle number, license number, make, model, color and other details like mileage, car jack, gas, etc. should be mentioned. After these details, the car should be presented in a diagram form, in which all the damage details must be shown with different symbols. For example, any dent can be shown by an ‘x’ on the places where real dents are present. Similarly, any scratches or missing parts must also be shown clearly. Some space must be left for both the parties to sign to close the deal.


Automobile Condition Report Template