Annual Direct Labor Analysis Template

If you have worked in a business organization or have been a part of any business entity you will know that there are a large number of functions or departments working in them. The standard operations of the organizations are divided into various activities and tasks that are classified to each department. Some of these departments include marketing, finance, accounting, human Resources and Information technology. These are only some departments.

Depending on the nature of the business and its size, the function may vary from business to business. Finance and accounting are two of the most important functions used in business entities. No business can survive without the use of money and financial funds. But there needs to be some planning and accountability of the funds used in the business activities.

For this purpose, various types of analysis are carried out on regular basis. Some of these analyses are done on weekly basis, some fortnightly or monthly and some annually. One such analysis document is called the Annual Direct Labor Analysis.

This is a basic financial template that is used in the analysis of the annual costs associated with the labor in comparison with the costs of the standard labor force. The standard labor costs are calculated based on the estimated prices of the labor force. This type of a labor force analysis is used as a control tool for keeping the direct labor costs in the budget. The annual direct labor analysis template is a very useful document.


Annual Direct Labor Analysis Template

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