Wrong Invoice Explanation Letter

Making a wrong invoice can bring a lot of problems for you. If you are not much careful while making an invoice, you are actually killing the chances of getting paid on time.

Sometimes, the wrong invoice also creates problems for the client. The wrong invoice means making an invoice with unclear or incomplete information, giving the wrong address or contact details on the invoice, sending the invoice that doesn’t follow the invoicing procedures of the customer, sending the invoice with the wrong expectations, not including the process of payment details in the invoice and a lot more.

The wrong invoice also puts a very negative impression on the mind of the customer and he is more likely to not deal with you in future.

After receiving the wrong invoice, the customers write a complaint letter to the company and ask for the correction in the invoice. You are asked to write the explanation letter for giving the wrong invoice so that the customer can clear everything about the company in his mind.

Explanation letter should be drafted in a professional way. You can start the letter by thanking the customer for pointing out the error on the invoice. After thanking, give the explanation for sending the wrong invoice.

Giving the explanation doesn’t mean that the mistake of the wrong invoice has been justified. You should apologize the customer for this and should ensure that all the corrections in the invoice will be made. End the letter by thanking him for patience and understanding.

Here is a sample letter in order to help you draft the letter for your own purpose.


I would like to thank you for pointing out the errors in the invoice. I admit that it was my mistake. Although we have an automated online system, still our invoices are often subjected to human errors. Don’t worry about the mistakes in the invoice since we have credited to your account and you will see it on your next bill.

Thank you so much for helping us in rectifying the problem of the wrong invoice and showing patience. I would like to apologize for the inconvenience created by the error.



Wrong invoice explanation letter

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