Written Statement Template

The written document in a formal manner or formal statement in written format is called written statement. This written statement is used in business communication to have a written proof. It is actually a legal proof. It enlists the purpose of business, nature of business, particular matters, the terms and conditions and its expected results. This written statement can be used for various purposes such as a written statement is signed between a house owner and tenant. It is also used for various situations in which any act or effects of something is involved. The common things include some policy terms, some important key points, the resources and information regarding important matters, business notices and strategies etc.

The format includes that written statement to be on one side of A4 sheet. It must contain 2 to 3 paragraphs. The first paragraph should show the basic introduction and the reason or the purpose of the statement. The second paragraph must show all policies, terms and conditions and the important key points.

The third and last paragraph must show the signature by both parties agreeing to the written statement. It must also show the amendment period or the duration after which update is required.

Here is a sample template for written statement. Hope this helps!

Written statement template


This written statement is also required in case of witnessing an event. The statement is also a written proof which consists of the declaration of the statement of a witness who had witnessed the event in person or saw or heard about the particular event.