Wedding Calendar Checklist Template

Wedding is a beautiful time of any one’s life. Marrying your loved one in a perfect way is the desired of every individual. To plan things in such a way that nothing goes wrong on wedding day is the desire of every couple. People start preparation for wedding depends upon their traditions, culture, rituals and customs. One common thing among all of these will be perfection without any hassle.

Wedding Calendar Checklist Template

Plan your wedding well before time using Wedding Calendar Checklist

Wedding Calendar Checklist template is designed for all those people who care to manage things much before time. This calendar checklist is designed to prepare for marriage before one year of the wedding day. Using this calendar checklist will take you from beginning as much before as one year. All details are given in the form of checklist prior different times of the year. It starts with planning of wedding done in 9-12 months prior wedding day and moves on to keep checking till a day before the event.

we have added some snapshots of the template also that will guide you towards the usefulness of this calendar template.

Microsoft Word document template | No. of pages=4 | Editable | Printable | One click download

Wedding Calendar Checklist Template     Wedding Calendar Checklist Template



Preview of complete template.


Wedding Calendar Checklist Template


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