Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

Vehicle maintenance is required by vehicle owners of a public transport so that it is ensured that the passengers who travel in that vehicle are safe and happy. The consistent and timely maintenance will ensure and increase the vehicle’s efficiency thereby increasing its lifespan.

The parts of a vehicle that must be maintained include its brakes. It is ensured that the brake fluid level is at the predetermined level. The coolant is checked and maintained for its level as per the manufacturers’ guide. Same as the oil level is checked and maintained if need.

The head lights are checked to make it sure that there are no broken lenses and the alignment is correct. The tires are checked to see the pressure is correct and tread depth is 1.5 mm and there are no cuts in them. The windscreen washing bottle level should meet the specification provided by the manufacturer.

The following vehicle maintenance tips can help the vehicle owners to maintain their vehicle in their busy schedule.

  • Do follow the guidelines for vehicle maintenance and check to see when your vehicle’s regular maintenance is required.
  • Always take car care of vehicle’s air filter and replace it with a new one on a regular basis as it acts as lungs for the vehicle.
  • Get your vehicle’s oil changed on a timely basis. It will keep your vehicle keep running smoothly.
  • Always try to clean or wash your vehicle at least once in a month. It will make it look good as well as prevent it from damages that are caused due to dust.

Following is given a checklist so that you can have a better check on your vehicle’s performance. Make use of it and stay hassle free.

Vehicle maintenance checklist

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