Template Family Couple Weight Loss Tracker

Awareness in terms of overweight is a growing concern these days. Designing a weight reducing plan is easy rather than to implement or follow it. However, while following a diet plan it is very important to track the progress. In family looking at each other’s progress tends to motivate the other couple.

Family couple weight loss tracker helps you to maintain an accurate record of your weight loss performance and you would exactly know what should be your next target.

The tracker will not only show you the track but will also help to see who is better than whom. A couple can help each other if they are following any differentiated strategy and see which one is more successful in weight loss.

Our free tracker is easy to download and may not require any additional format.

The tracker will work in following way:

  • You can add the number of months as per your plan
  • Write down the names of his and her along with the starting weight and monthly goal
  • You can also add additional colors and font style if you wish so
  • By inserting the weight and goal achieved you will get the values of maximum, minimum, loss percentage etc. to give a more clear view of your current progress.

It’s simple, easy and you can also customize according to your accord. Weight tracker can also be a source of motivation for you.


Template Family Couple Weight Loss Tracker

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