Teacher Parent Conference Record Sheet

What is a record sheet?

It is necessary to keep a record of an official meeting or arrangement for future use so that you may be able to benefit from this account. By definition, a record sheet is a sheet or a form that stores and preserves a detailed account of an event, these events may be of any type and so these record sheets vary on the basis of the event that is to be recorded.

Teacher-parent conference record sheet

A parent-teacher conference is conducted at equal intervals in a school system in order to keep the parents informed of the progress of their child. This conference also requires that a record is kept of it for both future uses and for the declaration of present academic requirements. Microsoft Word has made available an easy and precise template for such purposes; it is specifically constructed for keeping a Teacher-Parent Conference Record Sheet. It consists of fun graphic representations to add color to the record.

The recording sheet is divided into two parts, dividing the entire conference into two major parts, it consists of a part where all the points discussed in the conference amongst the parents and the student will be recorded and another part where the outcome of the discussion will be recorded. Finally sealing the official record a signature of both the parent and teacher is required along with the date and time of the conference.

A sample of Parent-Teacher Conference Record Sheet is provided here for the purpose. If you were really looking for this sheet you have landed exactly on the targeted page. You can see a preview of the template as well as a download link given at the bottom of this page.

Teacher Parent Conference Record Sheet

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