Student Profile Information Requesting Letter to Parents

The student-teacher relationship is a very critical and important one. Each student’s future is dependent on this vital relationship. A teacher is a person who not only provides textbook education to the student but is also responsible for the personality development and grooming of the student.

A teacher is the second most important person after the parents. Their role is not only on an individual level but at a national level as well. They are responsible for upbringing and development of the future generation of a nation. They can mold and direct the minds of the young individuals very effectively.

A student who goes to school or college spends most of his/her time in the educational institution. A new teacher must know about the background of each student. As there are a number of students it may not be humanly possible to remember the data and information of each and every individual by heart.

Therefore the teachers require the parent to provide some essential information about each student. For this purpose, they use the student profile information requesting letter to parents.

This letter is sent to the parents or guardians of each student and they are required to fill in the information required.

The questions asked in this form may not only be about the general information but also about the subjects liked by the student, fields of interest, his strengths and weaknesses and favorites books.

As there are many students the teacher can use one template to send to parents and make minor modifications before sending to each parent or guardian.

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Student Profile Information Requesting Letter to Parents

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Student Profile Information Requesting Letter to Parents

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