Generic Service Invoice Template

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Simple Service Invoice Template

Every services company offers different services to their client against some amount of money. It is important for both clients and service providers to have a record of payment, and for this purpose, a service invoice is used. The invoice record different important details, including the total time spent, cost of your time, material used and any other cost involved in the job. The simple service invoice will be a great tool to explain the charges of work to your clients, and it is an important part of your business for the purpose of record keeping also. The invoices will help you to record each and every transaction, and finally, you will be able to maintain your financial accounts.

Benefits of Service Invoice

It is an important part of your business to design simple service invoice to write details of cash inflow and outflow. It is really simple to design a service invoice, because for your help, we have provided a simple service invoice template. The template is designed with all important contents that should be present on the invoice. You can write details of cost involved in the services, and it will make your work easy to determine the cost of services by keeping the profit margin. It is absolutely free, just download it and modify its contents according to your needs. Do not forget to write a serial number on your invoices to make your record keeping process easy. It will be a great addition in your services business.

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Generic Service Invoice Template