School Field Trip Permission Form for Students

The educational life of a child starts very early. Teachers play a highly important role in their educational careers. They are the second most important people in the lives of the children after their parents. They are not only responsible for the provision of textbook knowledge and education to the students but are also involved in the human development and personal grooming and upbringing of the students. Students spend a large portion of their daily time with teachers.

The primary aim of going to an educational institution is to study a re-designed syllabus of textbooks and pass through a progressive series of classes and grades. These textbooks contain valuable educational information that helps students learn and find about new concept studies. But apart all the study process there is also the need for an extracurricular development of the students. These may include various activities like sports, games, book reading, hobbies, dramatic events and much more.

Students must be encouraged to participate in such extracurricular activities as well. One such activity is a field trip. This type of an excursion or field trip involves the students going to some place other than the institution for the purpose of study or learning. This is a practical way of imparting knowledge and allows the student to learn firsthand. Teachers must use the field trip permission form to seek permission of the student’s parents and guardians. Without a field trip permission form duly completed and signed no student should be allowed to go on such a trip.

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School Field Trip Permission Form for Students


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School Field Trip Permission Form for Students