Travel Expense Report Template

Employees may find it exciting to travel officially across the boundaries when the expenses such as ticket, hotel, meals or cab fares have to be paid by employer. The company assures to reimburse all the expenses that have been incurred on the trip. But, it is required to present a travel expense report before that. This is not a random exercise that one can maintain it on a piece of a paper or so and it will be a tedious task for you if you make on your own. We provide a solution to your problem and help you to keep all the record of your expenses.


We provide you free template that will help you to record all your travel expenses and details. Depending on your need you can customize that sets perfectly to your necessities. Add you company details and other information as per the need of your employer. Every column is designated to a specific entry for example lodging, fuel, entertainment and miscellaneous expenses.

travel expense report templateKeeping a track over your expenses will also allow employee to figure out if you are confined to the assigned budget or not. You can also print and make it manually if it is difficult to access your laptop during the hectic travel schedule. Our free travel expense report template can not only be used by employee but the employers can also download and provide to their staffs when they are away for business trips. The template is a great solution to track travel expenses either for personal or professional purpose.

DOWNLOAD: Travel Expense Report