Sample Project Management Dashboard Template

Projects and assignments have been now a part of our daily lives. They are aimed not only to be designed perfectly but also all the projects running simultaneously should be managed in the most appropriate manner. There are management dashboard templates that are created for the better management of either a project or assignment. We provide free dashboard template for your flawless management which is user friendly and allow the manger to keep track and analyze the progress of current project. By using our free template you can enjoy success in your projects as you will always know the areas to cater.

Sample Project Management Dashboard Template                         Sample Project Management Dashboard Template


Everyone in the world it is common to observe that the management is in quest to impress their boss, showing a good administration skill the key. We have designed this template that gives you the opportunity to personalize it and keep the record in order to view which ones are in pending and which ones are in progress. By the help of this any status report can be prepared as per the request of management. The dashboard also allows you to keep a check on the resources used by a project and the budgetary costing of any project. The information given regarding task can help the manager to delegate and assign the work to meet the work requirements. Giant charts can also be merged into this dashboard to analyze followed with the comparison of predicted and actual view of the project.

Sample Project Management Dashboard Template          Sample Project Management Dashboard Template

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