Privacy Statement Template

Privacy Statements

There are many websites on the internet which collect the personal information of the person when a person uses website services, the website tries to collect the information about the person through the forms or through cookies. The privacy law does so to prevent the individuals from misusing their personal information. The collection of the data is regulated by these laws, but also the storage, cross-border transfer as well as retention of the data.

The main purpose of the privacy statement is to

  1. Help the website owners to comply with the requirements of disclosure related to the data privacy laws
  2. To ensure the users of the website that their data is being used properly and lawfully.

The type of information which is required to be collected depends on the type of website or the business. For example, an eCommerce store collects the information of the user such as his name, his home address, and his order information. All those information will be collected by the website, which it needs for further processing and it has nothing to do with the irrelevant information of the user. The personal information can be used for various purposes.

Personal information collection, security of the data, use of the personal information, updating of the information and some other matters are the basic parts of this privacy statement template. This is very helpful for the people who want to collect the information. You can download this template from the internet.

Here is sample privacy statement template that one can utilize and get the benefit to prepare his/her own.

Privacy statement template


*The template is shared for information purpose only.