Player Information Form

What is player information form?

This form is used by various sports academies in order to collect information about the players playing for any team. The form contains appropriate information about the player that can be used by the team management and coach for various purposes.

Benefits of using player information form:

  1. The details about the player are collected very easily without missing anything.
  2. The form can be later used for training or during medical check-up of the players.
  3. The form enables the player to provide the details about himself.
  4. It is kept as a record of every player in the team which can be retrieved whenever it is needed.
  5. The form may be needed by the team coach over the course of time. He can easily get the profile of the player without wasting time.

How to create player information form?

Create the form by adding several fields to it in order to collect the information about the player.

  1. The first section of the form should be able to collect the personal details about the player such as name, address, phone number, email address and a lot more.
  2. The second section of the form about his sports abilities. The form should ask the player about the game in which he is most interested and also the game in which he has least interest. It should also include the fields to get the history of the player such as a number of years he has played for any team, other sports in which he is interested, his best skills in the game and a lot more.
  3. Other section of the form should collect the information about the equipment used by the player to play the game. Apart from equipment, the jersey number of the player and several other details should also be taken in the form
  4. If you are insecure about the players, you can ask the parents of the child to fill the form and ask several questions from parents to know more about player apart from taking permission from them.

Sample Form Template

Player information form template

Format: MS Word | Download