Personal Statement Template

A personal statements is used by everyone who is seeking a job or want to get admission in a college or in a university. There are some questions which are to be answered in your personal statement. These questions are not to be answered just in ‘yes’ or ‘no’ but you are required to give a proper answer to the questions.  They are in the form of essays of usually 900 words.

Writing a personal statement can be a very difficult task for anyone. A personal statement is a sort of introduction to a person. Many companies do not take interviews; rather they prefer having a look at the personal statement to get an idea about the person.

It can be regarded as a part over which you have a full control. So, make sure that you do not end up writing a poor statement that puts a bad impression on the reader. You can make your personality very impressive just through your personal statement even if you do not have very good grades.

A well written personal statement should contain three basic parts. The first part is an introduction, the other part is a body and the last part is the conclusion.


Personal statement template


Include your goals, your ambitions, and your moral values in the statement. Also, include the reason for which you have applied in specific college or university. Try to prove that you have a sound knowledge of the subject which you are trying to apply for. A good personal statement written in well-structured form can help you in a number of ways.