Website Design and Development Contract

These days almost all business entities want to have a website. It is not just an added attraction rather online business presence has become a basic necessity to survive and grow in the business market. Whether your business is big or small having a website and attracting new and existing customers and users to this website are very important. Today no business can survive without an online website.

There are two options for website development. These include:

  • You can design and develop your own website
  • You can hire the services of a website designer and developer to outsource the process

Among the above two option, the second one is much more effective and convenient. Hiring a professional to do the website designing will allow you to have the expertise and specialized input in the designing and development of your website. All you need to do is analyze and assess your requirements in a website and then select a website designer who is well known and has the necessary expertise for the job. After selection, you need to get into a professional agreement with him. In this case, this agreement is known as website design and development contract.

The website design and development contract template is like a service agreement whereby the website developer will legally agree to provide his web development and designing services to a party and get a compensation in return. The contract will contain all the terms and conditions of the agreement along with the completion date and output required.


Official Website Design and Development Contract Template Free


Format: MS Word